Chemical Peel in Charlotte, NC

Chemical Peel in Charlotte, NC

As clean beauty continues to evolve, the gap between medical grade skin care and clean alternatives narrows. Seeing this change leaves room for one to wonder, “what is ‘clean’ and am I sacrificing results by using less ‘toxic’ products?” 

At The Spa at Selenite, we seek out advanced, high performance treatments that match the benefits of many med spa treatments on the market. Our ingredient and health standards for the products we sell at Selenite Beauty apply to the professional products we use in our treatment rooms. We pride ourselves in offering our clients peace of mind knowing that they don't need to be a master of what's “good” versus “bad”, they can come to us and expect high-grade results that are powered by clean ingredients. We are excited to now offer our Clinical Chemical Peels that are highly effective and formulated with non-toxic ingredients. 

Our Clinical Peels resurface the skin while reducing inflammation which results in less flaking and sensitivity than a traditional peel. Traditional peel formulas trigger necrosis, a form of cell injury that ruptures a cell’s membrane causing an inflammatory wound response in the skin. Our Clinical Peel initiates selective cellular apoptosis, or “programmed cell death,” to eliminate senescent cells. This process breaks down a cell’s contents to be digested by immune cells without causing inflammation. We have three formulations that can be applied in up to 6 layers that are left on the skin for 4-8 hours after leaving the treatment room. 

The Hero Peel:

This peel consists of a blend of acids that help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while targeting age spots and uneven skin tone. Overall, clients can expect smoother, more firm skin with a bright and more even complexion.

The Spot(less) Peel: 

This peel not only offers a solution to those struggling with active breakouts, but it also helps those looking to even out post-inflammatory scarring or pigmentation. Clients can expect an improvement in oil production, reduction of scars left from breakouts, and overall decongestion of the skin.

The Polite Peel:

 The perfect option for someone who may be intimidated by peels due to sensitivity. This peel blends gentle acids and has a base of glycerin to comfort and protect the skin. All the effects of anti-aging and brightness are incorporated but at a much gentler level to protect the most sensitive of skin types. 

Our Clinical Chemical Peel can be booked as a premium enhancement to upgrade any of our existing facials. This peel is also featured in our Peppermint Mocha Holiday Facial where LED boosts the treatment for the increased anti-aging benefits. Book now online or give us a call at 980-938-8057 to schedule your appointment.

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