Founder Spotlight: Chase Polan of Kypris

Chase Polan of Kypris

Welcome to our founder spotlight series! We're meeting with the founders of your favorite clean beauty brands to learn about the inspiration behind their brand, their favorite products, the clean beauty industry, and their advice for budding beauty entrepreneurs. This week we chatted with Chase Polan, the founder of  Kypris

What was the inspiration behind creating Kypris? 

Many things inspired the creation of KYPRIS. Ten years ago, I saw a unique opportunity within the beauty and personal care industry. It was a time when science-backed skin care lines were full of questionable ingredients and while natural skin care was very “craft”. I wanted to create and share a better experience of Beauty, one that combined the efficacy and elegance of a science-driven approach, the gorgeous ingredients from Nature’s inimitable design, and the wisdom and respect of the Divine Feminine. As a brand, KYPRIS is here to help people care for and pleasure in the Beauty of their skin and to enhance their sense of wellbeing and luminous Beauty. KYPRIS is Beauty for ecstatic embodiment. 

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs in the beauty space?

Stay focused on how we can be of service to ourselves, to one another, and to our larger community. And, to offer one another Grace, including ourselves.

What excites you most about the clean beauty industry? 

It excites me that people are looking for a clear relationship between the ingredients in their products and the source of those ingredients. I think we are seeing this trend because people are becoming more connected to the Truth that what is good for the planet is good for them. After all, everything we are, our whole lives, is supported and sustained by the Earth. I also think people genuinely care about others and want to know that the products they’re using to care for themselves are good for the planet and the people who help to create them. 

If you could only pick one, what is your favorite product that you've created?

This is an impossible question to answer because each piece offers its own unique gifts and benefits. Choosing one, I’d offer the Beauty Elixir I: 1000 Roses as it was one of the very first formulas we created, and within it carries the seed of the philosophy and practices that have been created at KYPRIS today. 

What is your favorite way to practice self-care? 

My nervous system can tend to run 'hot' so to speak, so unwinding is something I actually try to do to take care of myself 3 times per day: morning, noon, and night. I find that a regular hatha yoga practice, walking, sunshine, eating a balanced diet, and short, regular meditation sessions throughout the day help me return to my baseline as needed.

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