Green Cosmetics: Are They Really Worth It?

Green Cosmetics: Are They Really Worth It?


Green cosmetics embrace environmentally-friendly product formulations, production practices, and packaging methods. This means cutting out a host of potentially harmful ingredients, and instead opting for clean, organic, and natural ingredients. It also means sustainably sourcing those ingredients, responsibly processing them, and then packaging them in eco-friendly materials. 


but are green cosmetics really worth it?

  • Are the ingredients in my cosmetics really worth worrying about?
  • Do I really need to care if my makeup is made with clean ingredients?
  • Can non-toxic cosmetics really work as well as conventional products?


the answer to all of these questions is: yes.

First of all, yes, potentially harmful ingredients really are worth paying attention to, or rather, they’re worth eliminating from your cosmetics so you DON’T have to worry about them. There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today, most without any safety data, and many that are known carcinogens and endocrine-disruptors. These ingredients can be absorbed through the skin, yet are still found in conventional hair, face, and body products. No, thank you.  

Second, maybe you've started to look for clean, organic ingredients in your skincare, but then apply conventional makeup and cosmetics on top of that. Consider ditching the toxins across the board, and make the switch to green cosmetics so your makeup can actually complement your skincare, rather than work against it. High-quality ingredients mean that your cosmetics will often cross over from simply “makeup” to actual skincare. 

Finally, switching to green cosmetics with natural and non-toxic ingredients does not have to mean sacrificing product performance. Over the years, green cosmetics have become just as desirable as conventional makeup for everyday wear, not just for their performance, but also for the environmentally responsible means of producing that result.


new to green cosmetics? here are some brands doing it (really) well.

Axiology 100% Evil-Free Beauty
Axiology’s founder, Ericka Rodriguez, says, “Makeup shouldn't just be safe for the people who wear it. It should also be safe for animals, the planet, and the people who make it.” Axiology lipstick is the cleanest, most ethical lipstick on the planet. Always made with 10 ingredients or less, their list of natural and organic ingredients includes organic avocado oil, elderberry extract, and kokum butter.

Selenite Selects: Try their Lip Crayon for an easy-to-wear, semi-matte look.


Ere Perez Natural cosmetics for a good skin day.
This holistic beauty line is a collection of natural, botanical skincare and cosmetics for clean, conscious living. Born from a passion for natural healing and beauty, Ere Perez products are unique, luxurious, fuss-free, affordable, and all about healthy, radiant skin. They have also joined the UN Global Compact (the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative) and are certified carbon neutral by The Carbon Reduction Institute.

Selenite Selects: Their Avocado Waterproof Mascara is full of vitamins A, D, & E, and is friendly to sensitive eyes. And don’t miss their Carrot Colour Pot, a vegan multitasking balm that adds instant color to cheeks and lips, easily building and blending. The balm features many healthy ingredients (like carrots!) and is full of antioxidants to keep skin soft and hydrated.


ILIA Wake up the skin. Makeup the rest.
In addition to combining effective natural ingredients with safe synthetics, ILIA does everything they can to simplify and source materials that are both safe for the planet and safe for the product. But packaging is just one piece; where it goes when you’re done is another. Makeup is an especially challenging recycling category, and ILIA is now using TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box platform that's dedicated to recycling the hard-to-recycle.

Selenite Selects: Be sure to try ILIA’s Limitless Lash Mascara, a 2019 Clean Beauty Award winner from both Allure and Glamour. You’ll also want to try their fan-favorite Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40. This innovative, weightless formula fuses skincare, makeup, and sun protection into one easy step.

P.S. Looking for another spot that uses TerraCycle's platform to responsibly break down beauty products? Selenite Beauty Charlotte! Bring in your empties, regardless of brand, and drop them in the TerraCycle box at the front of the store. Not only will you keep your cosmetic packaging out of landfills, but you'll receive 5% off your next in-store purchase.


RMS Where clean beauty began, and where it's going next.
The first of its kind, RMS Beauty is a truly organic color cosmetic line. When raw material is processed for use in cosmetics or other beauty products, it typically undergoes a lengthy process which degrades the nutrients that make natural ingredients beneficial to the skin. RMS Beauty products are formulated with raw, food grade, and organic ingredients in their natural state, allowing their positive attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. Extreme care is taken in the manufacturing process in order to keep all nutrients and healing properties alive. Packaging for RMS Beauty products is also minimal, recyclable or reusable.

Selenite Selects: For a clean, organic lipstick that is still highly pigmented, try their Wild With Desire Lipstick. And definitely don’t miss their cult-classic Living Luminizer for an ultra-sheer, sensuous, luminous glow that works beautifully on all skin tones.


Our knowledgeable staff would love to help find the right natural cosmetics for you, that still perform. Feel free to shop our full selection of clean cosmetics online, or come visit us at our boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina if you’d like more personalized guidance as you switch to green beauty.


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