Spring 2022 Healthy Hair Trend: Warm Amber

Spring 2022 Healthy Hair Trend: Warm Amber

Trends come and go but winter’s auburn locks trend got a lighter, more fresh take for spring. Honey red, cinnamon, amber, ginger, warm copper, whatever you wish to call it, this color is making its place in the beauty world. Most recently, Kendall Jenner made her way out on the streets of Paris showing off her new redhead status and curtain bangs. These warm golden locks are perfect for showcasing the warmth of spring and the lingering coziness of winter. So why is this new color wave taking over?

It’s actually quite simple, it’s a way to give the face some light without going full blown blonde. True blonde can be high maintenance and require frequent trips to the salon, yet this trend allows for some growth and fading without overly consistent after care. From Nicki Minaj, to Euphoria’s Barbie Ferreira, many celebrities have been seen rocking this new healthy hair trend. You can too with adding some warm highlights to your current look or by fully taking the plunge into the redhead world.

Switching up your hair is an easy yet effective way to make a statement. Looking to make the switch? Here is what you’ll need to keep your color looking fresh and vibrant.

These products are rich in hydration to heal and repair the hair, while pumpkin seed oil locks in the color to preserve, and extend the timeline between touch ups. To style, spray Sweet Spirit from mid shaft to ends and scrunch, then separate with your fingers to achieve the easy beach wave effortless look. This will keep your now healthy hair from fading and dehydrating. Want to try all 3 products? Shop the Color Collection Travel Trio

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