What Ingredients are in Natural Skincare Products?

What Ingredients are in Natural Skincare Products?


The conversation about natural skincare ingredients usually focuses on what is NOT included. But, what ingredients ARE in natural skincare and beauty products? We are so glad you asked. Check out this list of six of our favorite natural skincare superheroes:


aloe vera.

Naturally soothing, hydrating, and extremely versatile, aloe vera is a small succulent native to tropical climates. It is chock full of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, making it a common ingredient in a variety of beauty products.

  • In Pura Botanicals’s Neroli Eye Ritual, aloe vera helps to soothe the skin with nutrients and antioxidants while reducing puffiness with its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties.
  • This SCRUB Face Mask by LINNÉ Botanicals includes aloe vera juice to leave skin feeling silky smooth.
  • Osmia’s aloe-based Active Gel Toner provides a layer of soothing moisture for all skin types.

    argan oil.

    Argan oil is produced from the fruit of the Moroccan argan tree. This nutrient-dense plant oil has a high percentage of lipids, fatty acids, and vitamins A and E, making it desirable for maintaining soft and supple skin. 

    • Pai’s Echium and Argan Gentle Eye Cream makes use of argan oil to soothe and hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes. 
    • In Lip Doctor by Osmia, argan oil is one of only six carefully curated ingredients in their simple, soothing formula. 

      coconut oil.

      Coconut oil is considered one of the healthiest oils on earth for its high levels of lauric acid. Lauric acid is what gives coconut oil its antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. Add to that its anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin E content, and it’s no surprise that coconut oil is used widely for treating chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and is known for improving skin moisture and hydration. 

      • This Raw Coconut Cream by RMS removes makeup and moisturizes the entire body without the nasties. 
      • Josh Rosebrook’s Complete Moisture Cleanse combines the benefits of coconut oil with herbal actives and rich plant oils to create an effective yet ultra-mild, pH balanced cleanser. 
      • Coconut oil is even used in beauty products like the lightweight concealer and foundation, “Un” Cover-Up by RMS, which features organic cold centrifuged coconut oil, and a targeted oil-herb blend to help improve skin tone, texture, hydration, and overall radiance.


        Honey is naturally antibacterial, full of antioxidants, and draws in moisture. 

            olive oil.

            Olive oil has been used as a natural skincare remedy for centuries. Its essential fatty acid content combined with its emollient content makes it an effective moisturizer that can treat minor skin problems as well as improve the appearance of aging skin. 

            • Só Luxury’s Gentle Cleansing Bar combines olive oil with cocoa butter and coconut milk for a bar that is effective, yet gentle enough for a baby.
            • The Balance Facial Serum by Osmia combines olive oil with other strategic ingredients to create this light, herbal treatment, formulated to help your skin balance its own sebum (oil) production.

              rosehip oil.

              Rosehip oil (also called rosehip seed oil) is a pressed oil extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush, well known for its healing properties. This plant oil is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and is loaded with Vitamins A, C, and K, making it suitable to address issues such as dryness, fine lines, pigmentation, and blemishes.

              • Pai’s Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil incorporates this superhero to help repair and protect the skin against environmental stresses and visible damage. 
              • Pura’s Ambrosia Beautifying Serum is a rejuvenating face oil that combines rosehip oil with other natural powerhouses to help delay the effects of skin aging, promote cell regeneration, and increase collagen and elastin levels. 


              Keep in mind, while this list is a great start, it is just that: a start! If you’re looking for natural skincare ingredients in your beauty products, the list of positive ingredients is long and exciting. Have fun learning all of the amazing things natural ingredients can do, and visit us in-store at our boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina, or contact us online to let us know how we can help you on your way.

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