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All Over Shadow Brush

Product Description

Let go of Convention with all-natural, precision designed, cruelty-free All Over Shadow Brush.

Vapour is committed to supporting natural, non-toxic options that support personal and planetary health.

Vapour's cruelty-free makeup brushes are handcrafted for perfect product pick up, lay down, and blending. Carefully tailored for unique color textures, the synthetic fibers are expertly shaped to deliver optimal results and brush handles are made from FSC certified sustainably sourced Birch.

How to Use

Ideally sculpted for applying a soft wash of color and contouring over the entire eyelid. 

The All Over Shadow Brush is also perfect for under eye concealing.

All of Vapour's brushes have multiple uses so don’t let their name stop you from using it on other parts of the face.


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