Bless Aromatherapy Essence

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Nothing is more evocative of time and place than the scent. Fragrance evokes the ultimate nostalgia. Imagine the scent of fresh rain falling gently over tropical citrus groves in the warmth of a summer evening. Prepare to fall in love with the essence of Bless Aromatherapy Essence.

Melt into the precious moments of your day with the love, tranquility, and essence of Bless Aromatherapy Essence. The beautiful color is reminiscent of the reflection of the lush mountains on the surface of the shallow waters of the Hawaiian sea.

Ideal For: Can be used as a perfume or an aromatherapy treatment to evoke grounding feelings of comfort, harmony, positivity, and aloha with each use.

Scent Profile: Smells of citrus blossoms and sweet tansy swirls that will envelop your senses in a tropical bouquet of bliss. Together, this blend will help to put your mind at ease in an instant, calming the nerves while reducing stress and anxiety.

Size: 0.5 fl oz / 14.8 mL

Due to the natural state of this product the color may change from batch to batch. Leahlani Skincare products are made fresh in small batches from high-performing organic, wildcrafted, and local Hawaiian ingredients. This essence is vegan, 100% cruelty free, and contains no synthetic dyes or fragrances

Apply Bless Aromatherapy Essence to your pulse points (wrist area, behind the earlobes, inner elbows) throughout the day for instant serenity.

Fractioned coconut oil* and a proprietary blend of pure essential oils. Alcohol-free.