Face Cupping Kit

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Give yourself an instant, all-natural facelift. Face cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique to sculpt, lift, and de-puff. Put your best face forward.

Each kit includes:
+ 1 Large Face Cup for cheeks + jawlines
+ 1 Small Face Cup for forehead + around the eyes
+ Detailed how-to guide
+ A canvas carrying case

+ Smoother complexion
+ Lifted and toned skin
+ Reduced puffiness
+ Reduced facial muscle tension
+ Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles (over extended use)

Perform face cupping 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

1. Before or after using, make sure to wash the lip of your cup with soapy water, or wipe it down with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol.

2. Apply oil or lotion to your face before using your face cup. This helps the face cup glide smoothly and softly across the skin.

3. Keep the cup moving. Keep a steady pace while doing your cupping exercises to avoid leaving a mark