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Selenite Beauty

Japanese Ceremonial Organic Matcha Private Reserve Collection

Product Description

Matcha Kari's Ceremonial matcha is sourced from the lush, pristine location of Kagoshima, in southern Japan.

From the Private Reserve Collection, we're honored to note our Ceremonial Organic's regionally-unique tasting notes, and its invigorating mental effect.

As a proven ceremonial grade matcha, Ceremonial Organic is both part and parcel to a complete range of intricacies to Japanese powdered green tea.

Varied aromatics, tasting notes, and a particularly rich history further separates this ceremonial grade from others.

Ceremonial Organic represents its own virtues, bold and savory – with a naturally slight edge of sweetness – and complex finishing notes that are a distinct product of the rich volcanic soils found in the lush tea fields of Kagoshima, southern Japan.

Our Ceremonial Organic matcha is prize-worthy for its rarity and limited supply.

Contains: 30 Servings

Size: 30 g 


100% Pure Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder