Kiele Aromatherapy Essence of Gardenia

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A luminous fragrance of moonlit gardenias, whose honeyed scent drifts across balmy spring nights on dew-laden tropical breezes. Composed with pure botanical extracts, Kiele is a creamy bouquet of citrus-kissed white florals that captures the essence of fresh gardenia at its most delicate, romantic, and dreamy.

Ideal For: Can be used as a perfume or an aromatherapy treatment to evoke grounding feelings of harmony, and positivity with each use.

Scent Profile: Fresh gardenias with a creamy blend of citrus-kissed white florals.

Size: 0.5 fl oz / 14.8 mL

Apply Kiele to your pulse points (wrist area, behind the earlobes, inner elbows) throughout the day for an enveloping halo of soft floral fragrance.

Tip: Apply to the palms of your hand and run them through your hair to carry the essence of gardenia with you from sunrise to sunset.

Fractioned coconut oil* and a proprietary blend of pure essential oils. Alcohol-free.