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Four Sigmatic

Matcha Latte Mix with Lion’s Mane

Product Description

1/5 the caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, but plenty to think on. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, but you still want a little caffeine, you’ve found your matcha. The highest grade of Japanese matcha out there with your brain’s best friend: Lion’s Mane. 

Contains: 10 On-The-Go Packets

Size: 0.9 oz / 25 g

Organic, Vegan, Gluten free.


Organic Matcha (ceremonial grade): This ceremonial grade matcha is made from finely ground tea leaves, and this one is shade-grown in Japan. Each smooth sip of the highest grade of matcha has antioxidant properties, and a manageable amount of caffeine (20 mg to be exact).

Organic Lion's Mane:  Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is your brain’s best friend when you want to get stuff done. To bring you the most benefits, it is extracted from wood-grown fruiting bodies and then spray-dry the concentrate. The result is a mixable, organic powder with no fillers, or carriers.

Organic Moringa: The leaves of “The Miracle Tree,” moringa is nutrient dense. Native to India, it has been traditionally used by cultures around the world. 

    How to Use

    Coconut milk powder is already added for a smooth and creamy latte that just needs hot water on your end. If you want to really elevate a latte, try adding a splash of lemon juice.


      Organic coconut milk powder, Organic ceremonial grade matcha, organic lions mane, organic coconut palm sugar, organic moringa, organic stevia.