Our Spa Philosophy

Where relaxation meets results.

Our Approach to Skincare

Each time you visit our spa your experience will be unique because we understand that your skin is constantly evolving. Our custom facials are tailored to your skin’s needs in the current moment. This means mixing and matching products, enhancements, and modalities to build a custom facial just for you.

We are firm believers in the therapeutic power of touch whether it be through facial or full body massage. Our licensed estheticians have completed advanced training in lymphatic drainage massage, the Sculptural Facial Lifting Method, and Hungarian Massage to bring you an elevated facial experience.

Just as your skin is one-of-a-kind the same goes for your whole body. We are proud to offer highly customizable massages including Full Body Lymphatic Drainage and Integrative Intuitive Massage. We are here to meet you where you are today and are grateful that you've trusted us to join your wellness journey.

Our Backbar Products

We use professional-grade, clean products from award-winning brands including Eminence, Osea, Odacite, LINNÉ, Maya Chia, Kypris, and Linder Health. Our team thoroughly vets and tests each backbar product to ensure it provides actual results, backed by science, without compromising quality or purity of ingredients. Our Banned Ingredients List includes potential endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and skin irritants because beauty should be good for you.

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Our Commitment to Education

We are proud beauty nerds. We've got our finger on the pulse of beauty science and are constantly learning and growing from the latest scientific developments in skincare. Our facials utilize advanced, non-invasive modalities that provide lasting results over time. We know that there are no shortcuts to healthy skin.

In addition to continuing our staff's education, we are committed to educating our clients on how to care for their skin at home. Our team of experienced estheticians are here to answer all your skincare questions and make customized recommendations for home-care products. You can lean on us to provide you with honest, compassionate, and effective recommendations.