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Revitalize the complexion with Odacitè's Cryo-Tech Facial Tool, an innovative healing stone that uses the power of cryotherapy to help address a range of skincare concerns.

The Terahertz stone was engineered by Japanese scientists and is a cutting-edge addition to skincare tools and accessories. Becoming ice cold when dipped in cold water or touched by an ice cube, the tool delivers its cryotherapy benefits without the need for freezing.

Seamlessly blending modern tech with age-old techniques, the Terahertz uses cryo-technology, acupressure and gua sha facial massage to help sculpt and contour the face.

+ Improves overall health and radiance of the skin
+ Revitalises dull, tired skin
+ Helps to reduce the look of puffiness
+ Addresses inflammation due to acne and breakouts
+ Helps to firm sagging or aging skin
+ Works without the need for freezing

To activate Cryo-Technology, simply dip either end in iced water for 10 seconds. Always start with clean skin.

This double-ended Terahertz tool offers a bead side & a flat side that can be used in many different ways:

Use bead side for acne-prone skin Enhance your spot treatment by holding the ice-chilled bead to your pimple for 30 seconds. The cold will calm the inflammation & redness due to breakouts. Eye area puffiness / dark circles: maximize the benefits of your eye serum by massaging the ice-chilled bead around each eye contour for 30 seconds. The cold will visibly reduce puffiness and under eye circles. Facial tensions: if your face/jaw is tight from a stressful day, this tool can help release that tension. Using light to medium pressure, stimulate the beauty points of the face by pressing the ice-chilled tool to each point for 3 seconds, as shown on the diagram.

Use flat side for dull & tired complexion: apply a facial oil with a good glide. Use the ice-chilled flat end, following the gua sha diagram to support lymphatic drainage, lessen the appearance of pores, stimulate circulation, and to bring a radiant glow to the skin’s surface. Sagging skin & signs of aging: apply a facial oil with a good glide. Use the ice-chilled flat end, following the gua sha diagram to firm and sculpt the face, lessen the appearance of wrinkles and create a more youthful glow that you’ll notice immediately!

Terahertz Crystal