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Curam Elixir : Beauty & Anti-Aging

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This blend contains the power of anti-aging powerhouses, such as camu camu, amla peel, turmeric, and mangosteen, all of which are renowned nutrient dense beauty medicines that are also nutrient dense.

+ May help reduce inflammation
+ Excellent source of Vitamin C,
+ May help soothe and increase muscle tissue elasticity
+ Can support the immune system

Size: 2 oz / 59 mL

12 servings (using 1tsp per serving) per container.

Add 1 tsp to your favorite smoothie, juice, tea or water. If drinking with other tonics, use before breakfast, to enhance its powerful alkalizing properties.

Turmeric Root, Camu Camu Fruit*, Amla Fruit, Mangosteen Pericarp, Mangosteen Fruit, Tulsi leaf*, Lemon Peel*, Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. Extracted in Vegetable Glycerin* and Cane Spirits*.