Foreo Bear Microcurrent Device

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BEAR™ is the world's first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with Anti-Shock System™. It's also the most effective microcurrent facial device available - clinically proven. It visibly improves signs of aging by gently energizing & firming the 69 muscles in your face & neck. Experience clinical results in 2 mins a day.


Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles & fine lines in 1 week.
Clinically proven to improve skin firmness & elasticity in 1 week.
90% of users notice visible results in just 1 week.
10 microcurrent levels. 90 treatments per USB charge. Guided treatments on app.
Size: 1 Unit with charger, stand, and travel pouch

Like all microcurrent devices, BEAR™ must be used with a conductive serum/gel.

-To unlock BEAR, download the FOREO For You app, press the universal button to turn on, and pair it with the app via Bluetooth.
-Cleanse and dry the skin, making sure there is no remaining residue of any kind.
-Apply conductive gel or serum.
-Select the guided full-facial routine via the FOREO For You app or operate the device manually with the universal button. Quickly press the universal button until desired intensity level is selected.
-Glide BEAR across the face and neck in slow, controlled upwards motions, making sure both metallic spheres are touching the skin at all times.

Silicone wrapped device with stainless steel microcurrent stimulators.