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Happiness Tonic | Dopamine, Serotonin + Stress Relief

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Happiness tonic is a soothing formula of adaptogens that may help stabilize hormone function, serotonin and dopamine. This mix of herbs work together to create a powerful formula that may help relieve stress, anxiety, and improve overall mood.

+May uplift mood and energy
+Supports adrenal function, due to its adaptogenic nature
+Rhodiola: Contains anti-stress properties, while enhancing mental and physical condition
+Ashwagandha: May help lower cortisol levels
+Mucuna: Adaptogen that contains the largest amount of naturally occurring dopamine
St. Johns Wort: May help boost serotonin levels

Add 40-60 drops (1/2tsp) to the tongue directly, or mix with warm water, coffee, juice, or your favorite tea.

Mucana, Albizia bark, Rhodiola root*, Ashwagondha root*, St. Johns Wort. Extracted in Cane Spirits* and Vegetable Glycerin*.