Mo + P Very Dry Skin Moringa + Petitgrain Serum Concentrate

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Odacite's Serum Concentrates are concentrated doses of actives to target specific skin concerns. These highly potent formulas are designed to only be used with a few drops or mixed in with your moisturizer.

This restorative serum works to rebuild your skins barrier. This specific blend of oils is formulated for all skin types and sensitivities. Marula and Neroli oil coat the skin holding in moisture and letting your skin repair itself and boost any serums applied below. Odacite's marula oil comes from the footsteps of the Himalayan mountains, cold-pressed and virgin-extracted to yield extraordinary Fatty Acids and Antioxidant powers. These oils were formulated to not clog pores or congest the skin.


Moringa: Bursting with vitamins and essential fatty acids, Moringa Oil has been used in skin ointments since Egyptian times to deeply nourish dry skin.
Petitgrain: Extracted from bitter oranges, works in true synergy with Moringa Oil to optimize its hydrating power by bringing complementary moisturizing action to the skin.
Size: .17 oz / 05 ml

Morning and night, warm drops of your serum in your hands and massage into cleansed skin. Alternatively, you can supercharge your moisturizer by mixing in a few drops with your daily dose of crème.

Moringa Oleifera [Moringa*] Seed Oil, Caryocar Braziliensis [Pequi] Seed Oil, Citrus Aurantium [Petitgrain**] Leaf/Twig Oils, Tocopherols [Vitamin E] Oil | *Highest gradecold-pressed virgin oil **Organic