Pa + G Hyperpigmentation Papaya + Geranium Serum Concentrate

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Odacite's Serum Concentrates are concentrated doses of actives to target specific skin concerns. These highly potent formulas are designed to only be used with a few drops or mixed in with your moisturizer.

Odacite's hyperpigmentation Serum Concentrate targets the skin topically and deep within the layers. Hyperpigmentation and dark spots are a layered skin complication that requires multiple directions to treat and aid. Odacite uses Papaya enzymes to topically erase the dead skin cells to reveal a brighter more even complexion. Geranium is combined with other antioxidants to even out the skin tone while also preventing these dark spots from returning.


Papaya Seed Oil: Odacite's cold-pressed Papaya Seed Oil is rich in fruit enzymes that exfoliate dead skin effectively while respecting the delicate skin surface.
Geranium: Combines with Lemon Oil to form a complexion-brightening tag-team that encourages a more even-looking appearance.
Size: .17 oz / 05 ml

Morning and night, warm drops of your serum in your hands and massage into cleansed skin. Alternatively, you can supercharge your moisturizer by mixing in a few drops with your daily dose of crème.

Carica Papaya [Papaya*] Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens [Geranium**] Flower/Leaf Oil, Citrus Limon [Lemon**] Fruit Peel Oil, Tocopherols [Vitamin E] Oil *Highest grade cold-pressed virgin oil **Organic